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Our expertise

Areas of expertise:

Business Growth Strategies

From the clear articulation of business strategy to the identification of additional revenue streams, Cool Planet is focused on enabling businesses to accelerate growth and increase profitability.

Cool Planet works alongside our clients to design and develop business growth strategies. Fulfilling the role of a strategic business partner we enable organisations to create and implement commercially robust action plans.


Areas of expertise:

Marketing Strategy

In alignment with long and short-term business objectives, Cool Planet designs effective and efficient go-to-market and market development strategies.


These include but are not limited to:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Branding Strategy

  • Communication Strategy

  • CRM Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Sales Strategy

Areas of expertise:

Our Approach

Cool Planet uses a systems -thinking approach, resulting in solutions which are bespoke, flexible, and outcomes based.

We support in the area of strategy formulation and if needed we support teams with the implementation of the strategy.


We also work in partnership with the internal teams to enable skills transfer and seamless project management.  


Our services

Our Service Offering

We partner with our clients and facilitate interactions that encourage contribution from key stakeholders throughout the process.

We can help you grow your business and ensure that it is sustainable by:

  • Defining your business ambition

  • Developing a short to medium-term strategy

  • Identifying key milestones

  • Creating the roadmap to drive strategy-to-action


Additional Services

Offered in partnership with expert service providers


Our partners

We partner with experts both inside and outside our client's organisations as needed.

TSIBA Ignition Academy is one of our partners.


Leadership Development

  • Short Courses

  • Customisable Programmes

Cool Planet partners with several independent consultants with diverse experience.


Tanya Oakes.png

Tanya Oakes

Tanya’s senior expertise is both diverse and wide-spread but her speciality is direct marketing. She is an astute strategist with experience across an array of sectors and clients. Her focus is on integrating technology with marketing strategy using a data led approach. She is particularly passionate about the key metrics that matter in achieving marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Finally, with an honour’s degree in Psychology and qualifications as a coach, facilitator and design thinker, Tanya is an associate of Lumina and Harrison Assessments, enabling her to work with teams to unlock potential.

Fredeline Muller.png

Fredeline Muller

With an MBA and PG Dip in Futures Studies (USB), and a registered Associate General Accountant (AGA) (SA) with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) combined with her diverse financial experience across multiple sectors in sub-Saharan Africa, Fredeline brings substantial knowledge of how to efficiently and effectively drive sustainability.  She does this through Future-X Consulting which offers tailor-made solutions and business coaching and mentoring programmes to help businesses set realistic but strategic goals and implement successful action plans, which enable them to deliver long-term impact. 

Zuko Mphambani.png

Zuko Mphambani

With a background and qualifications in business, administration and project management, Zuko’s area of expertise is facilities management including OHS and procurement of goods and services.  She has been involved in both public and private sector procurement and also has experience serving on Public Sector Bids Evaluation and Bids Specifications Committees where she has fine-tuned her procurement and RFP expertise resulting in winning bids for her teams and their beneficiary organisations. She is now sharing these valuable skills with SME’s and non-profit organisations .

Ushama Ross Jerrier.png

Ushama Ross Jerrier

Ushama Ross Jerrier is a seasoned business leader with experience in Operations and Industrial Relations, including areas such as Organisational Design, Business excellence and people practices. Her career and experience spans a range of industries and sectors including Retail; QSC+V; Hospitality, Facilities management and the NPC working sectors. Throughout her professional career, Ushama has assisted with the development of Operational structures with streamlined systems and processes to maximize business results in both local and international business markets.

Yvonne Hertzog.png

Yvonne Hertzog

Yvonne Hertzog is an IT analyst who works with organisations in order to discover their stories in data.  With experience in a multitude of arenas from education to finance, Yvonne has successfully helped businesses understand their own needs and has guided them towards successful solution implementation.  These businesses include educational institutions, international property rental, UK government organisations, financial institutions and non-profits.

Expert Partners

TSIBA Ignition Academy has a number of BBBEE Programmes that Clients of Cool Planet Consulting can participate in. 

Enterprise and Supplier Development

  • Business Ignitor and Business Essentials

  • Customisable Enterprise & Supplier Development Programmes  


Skills Development

  • Employed and Unemployed Learnerships

  • Short Courses (including online courses).  

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